Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Craziness, Pure Craziness

So last night was pure craziness at the Smith household.  Thankfully my mother had picked Landrie up from school so as soon as I got off of work I swung by the house and took Ryan to Urgent Care.  As odd as this sounds I haven't laughed that hard in a while.  Seeing your husband getting a shot in the rear is completely different than seeing your child get a shot.  I was laughing so hard I was crying!  Then to see his face when they told him he could only have a little amount of ice chips every 30 minutes was priceless!  Hopefully he won't read this anytime soon.  So then he was diagnosed with having the dum da dum dum.....STOMACH FLU!  YEA I AM SO EXCITED...NOT! 
So I drop him off at home and head to the grocery store before going to the drug store to get his prescription filled and meeting mom to get Landrie.  Get all of that done head home to throw in a pizza for dinner and the pizza is no where to be found.  Now Ryan put the groceries up because I had ran them home before going to the drug store. OUR PIZZA IS M.I.A!!  I'm very flustered by this point so I go down in the garage and look all through the van..NOTHING!
Called the grocery store they said they didn't find anything...they said just bring your receipt and you can get another one.  Really?  It's already 8 o clock still have to get everything ready for the next I go back to the grocery store only to find the pizza was not on my receipt -I NEVER EVEN BOUGHT IT!!!  I felt so bad I know they probably thought I was crazy and yes maybe I was a little by that point.
Landrie was concerned with her daddy's well being all night!  "I just want to check on him mommy" So here is little nurse Landrie...
I kept saying just don't breath baby just don't breath!  So she went in and checked on her daddy and took him some ice chips.  He survived the night!  Now just praying we don't get it!  If you walked in my house you can literally taste the lysol.

Well on a different note tonight is the last night of our bible study.  I have enjoyed this study so much!  It has really changed not only my relationship with God but my family's also.  I just pray that I can be that ONE IN A MILLION!

Gotta go do a little work....

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  1. Hey...
    Love the is so cute...and I know that it will be a great keepsake for
    Landrie as she grows...I only wished I had this when mine were small.
    I surely hope the "bug" that has been lathered in Lysol is now dead so that no one else gets it.
    Have a good week