Tuesday, November 29, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Have I mentioned how Landrie and I love to play hide n seek when we here Ryan pull in the garage?  As soon as we hear the garage open we start running and find us a hiding place.  Last night for example was in our foyer closet.  Normally it's in Landrie's bathtub.  Ryan will always come upstairs and say ok Abbie and Pepsi (our dogs) where's your mommy?  And usually they will rat us out.  Just a simple little game we like to play.  So last week we were at my mom's house and Landrie and one of her favorite people in the world, Colton, got really quiet.  Mom starts yelling for answer.  So I'm laughing to myself thinking I know exactly where they are.  Guess where we found them....

She loves her Co-Co so much.  He's eleven now so he prefers Colton over Co-Co.  Don't know why?  :)

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Didn't start off great....have you ever cooked a turkey before?  This was my first time and let me tell ya, Ryan and I had the best time about 6:30am laughing our heads off while I am trying to prepare the turkey.  I was literally gagging and laughing at the same time.  I will NEVER look at turkey the same again!  
I opened it up and look what's staring right at me!  And this thing that I pullled out of it, WOW what is that thing????  
After all was said and done this was the end result...


Just a few pics from Thanksgiving at our house!  A new tradition!  

Landrie's Christmas List

We went and got our tree this weekend.  Jalie got to go with us.  We had so much fun picking out not only our big tree but Landrie wanted a real tree for her room also.  We let the girls decorate it all by themselves.  

Isn't it beautiful??  Don't know if you can tell but that's Justin Bieber straddling the top of the tree.

Then Landrie wanted to decorate the big tree by hard as it was for me I just sat back and let her do it.  Now I must admit when she would run in the other room for more decorations I did sort of move a few things.  She thought all the ornaments should go right in front.

Guess the dogs were a little bored...
Went on Saturday and done a little Christmas shopping with mom and Stacey.  Wish we could do more things like that together.  We had a great time! 

Then it was time to decorate the outside...Ryan worked so hard and he did a fabulous job!  Thanks babe!!!!

Now I just have to finish the railings on the front porch.  I actually did them while he was on the roof but I was informed I did them incorrectly once he was off ha ha.  I am no good at all the electrical stuff and drop cords.  :)



  1. Wow I can't believe your NYC trip is this Friday. I hope you guys have a fabulous time - and I can't wait to read about it! I'm so glad I still get to see what's going on in your life by reading your blog. I'm going to miss you so much!!

  2. I forgot to ask you about your trip yesterday. I love NYC! I'm proud of you for letting Landrie decorate the tree by herself - my control issues would get the better of me :)