Monday, November 21, 2011

"A Loss for Words"

I believe my little "tom-boy" is starting to become a little more girlish!  I appreciate and love her EXACTLY the way she is and wouldn't change a thing BUT...we had our little cousin's birthday party to go to and Landrie just HAD to get ready all by herself.  She is five now...(her words, not mine) So I walk into my bathroom to find her doing this....

I was so excited!  She was blow drying her hair!  Landrie does like for her hair to be fixed but she had taken it upon herself to blow dry it.  She wanted to finish getting ready all by herself, I'll add she picked out her entire outfit...
And here we are...I was trying really hard not to laugh.  I told a little fib and said that my aunt didn't allow hats in her house.  She fell for it.  So off to the party we went.  HAPPY 6TH BIRTHDAY JALIE!!!!

We finally started working on our Thankful Tree.  It was nice to sit down and work together as a family on this project.
Isn't it cute?

On to was an eventful day in the 1st grade Sunday School class.  I was at a "loss for words" and many of you know that's unusual for me.  Just please be in prayer for our class.  Pray for our kids and pray that Ryan and I will have the wisdom and knowledge to lead these children, that we will have open hearts for what the Lord wants us to teach.  As my pastor told me yesterday "you may be the only God that child may see each week."  WOW those are some strong words!

Stacey and I decided to head to the mall.  We are going to NYC next week (YAY!!!) and we were trying to find something to keep our ears warm...WATCH OUT NYC HERE WE COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL!!!  I can't wait!  Have I mentioned I am hosting Thanksgiving this year?

Yes we always said that when we bought a house that we were going to host Thanksgiving.  So we have 13, did I say  13 people coming????  And did I mention that I DO NOT COOK???  
This is me right about now...please keep me in your prayers

I told our Sunday School kids to please remember me in prayer on Thursday because I was having to cook the turkey.  Ryan chimed in and said to remember him in their prayers because he was the one having to eat it.  HA HA NOT FUNNY!!!  (well, maybe a little)

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  1. Loving that sweet girl!!! Benny has said the very thing Preacher D said many many times!! I know I have said this hundreds of times in the past 10 years.... the child that drives you the craziest, or stresses you out the most, is the one that probably needs you the most. Tough words to live by, but very necessary where God has us right now! You are in our prayers.... and tell Ryan, I am sure we will have plenty if he wants to come over!! You will do great!!!